Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year Resolution!

Books will continue to chronicle human history in a world @ flux and full of dynamic mechanics. But how many people read them? I think that there are three types of people who read books. The first group is possibly, a very large group; and consists of people who do not bother hard enough to pass through the rigour and discipline of sitting still, to read books. They, funny though, might even have bought book (s), but never had the time. They simply kept them on private shelves or might even have loaned them out. The second group; not as large as the first group, is populated by persons who managed to read, but forgot what they read. Perhaps, they were really not motivated enough to exhaust the book or lost interest mid-way. The third group; a negligible constituency compared to the overall number; are the genuine intellectuals and thinkers. They read to internalise, absorb and practice. So, where do you belong? Where are your New Year resolutions, do they include books? How many books have you resolved to Read? How many books, commentaries, journal articles etc. do you plan to write in 2013? Happy New Year! Joachim Ezeji

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