Monday, 21 June 2010

My Song for Block Island

Composed by
Joachim Ibeziako Ezeji
WISE 2009, Brown University, USA
401-626 -9689

Block Island, what a lovely island
A place of amazing collection
Of all shapes of rocks and stones
All from the rolls and abrasions of the ocean tides.

What a lovely collection of water
Ponds of fresh and salt waters alike
All imbued with life of all sorts
All adorning a landscape so undulating.

Natural farmlands and homesteads inter-mingled
Conserved Forests replete with birds, Amphibians and mammals like in the biblical Garden of Eden
All in Block Island.

At Block Island, man and nature are at peace
Serene landscape surrounded by the Atlantic
Serenity pierced only by roaring waves of the Atlantic
All in an Island worth a thousand visits.

What a lovely place to be and tick
An environment so tranquil and cool
Refreshing ocean breeze from all corners
All Bathing man and animal alike.

Never seen energy so high as the Atlantic
An ocean with tides so strong and fantastic
Energy very manifest in waves so classic
All seen and felt all over an Island

There was a Scot, Maureen, Pam and Chris
All at nature conservancy, so majestic
Answering and talking to WISE 2009
All about nature and man

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